Educational Background

Leadership Long Beach
Class of 2017
June 2017
California State University, Dominguez Hills
Clear Administrative Service Credential, June 2000
California State University, Fullerton
Administrative Service Credential, September 1994
California State University, Long Beach
Pupil Personnel Service Credential, October 1985
Master of Science in Counseling, July 1989
University of California, Irvine
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, April 1980

Career Summary
August 2000 Long Beach Unified School District to Present Director, Principal Liaison Operations
 Monitor site administrator’s implementation of district cleaning standards, bid runs, and cleaning schedules
 Monitor site administrator’s supervision and evaluation of plant supervisor and assigned custodians
 Input on principal evaluation, Organization and Management, related to physical plant.
 Monitor completion of site monthly reports
 Monitor completion of monthly PARS for kitchen cleaning
 Monitor site budgets and approve WAXIE and FINSYS orders
 Support and evaluation of Area Custodial Managers, Custodial Services Inspectors, and Operations support staff
 Conduct weekly meetings with ACM’s, CSI’s, and Business Services Directors
 Plan and implement monthly meetings with Plant Supervisors and Plant Supervisor Committee
 Visit sites and provide feedback on cleaning standards
 Communicate with Assistant Superintendent, Principals, and Business Services Division

Long Beach Unified School District
Director Elementary & K-8 Schools
School Coach, Program Improvement Middle Schools
 Elementary & K-8 principal support and supervision
 Elementary & K-8 principal evaluations
 Goal setting with Elementary, K-8, and Middle School principals
 Provide Master Schedule training and support to all Middle and K-8 Schools
 Middle and K-8 Assistant Principals’ meeting lead
 Serve as liaison to Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent regarding site-specific concerns
 Curriculum lead for Mathematics and MIND Institute
 Participate in site walkthroughs
 Provide instructional leadership to school sites
 Facilitating, guiding, and encouraging principals’ accomplishment of goals
 Participate in the development of action plans and site specific activities to increase student achievement and address site concerns
 Review site data with principals and provide feedback for improvement

Long Beach Unified School District
Program Administrator
Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs
 Coordinate GEAR UP grant at 17 middle/K-8 schools and 6 high schools in the district
 Maintain a grant budget of $24,000,000 dollars
 Provide staff development for teachers, administrators, counselors, and parents
 Hire GEAR UP program facilitators, parent coordinators, and curriculum leaders
 Supervise and evaluate GEAR UP staff at district and school sites
 Complete Annual Performance Report and evaluation of grant services
 Provide matching documentation for grant administration
 Coordinate various services with GEAR UP business partners
 In-service school community on the GEAR UP mission
 Implement goals and objectives of the GEAR UP grant and set benchmarks
 Provide vision and leadership for improving student academic performance at all GEAR UP schools

Long Beach Unified School District
Jackie Robinson Academy K-8
 Supervise and evaluate teachers and classified staff
 Maintain school budget of over two million dollars
 Maintain an orderly and clean campus
 Curriculum development
 Develop a positive relationship with school community
 Increase parent participation and community outreach efforts
 Develop business partnerships
 Program development based on needs of learning community
 Develop monitoring systems to assess student learning and data
 Provide vision and leadership to entire school community
 Use of Baldrige framework to assess and monitor continuous improvement

Long Beach Unified School District
Cabrillo High School
Assistant Principal
 Supervise Special Education and Business Academies
 Supervise students and administer student discipline
 Supervise and evaluate teachers and classified staff
 Curriculum development
 Supervise Student Support Team and attend all Individual Education Plan meetings
 Evaluate specific behavior problems and situations and take appropriate course of
action, including counseling, discipline, and alternative placements
 Campus operations
 Provide supervision at athletic and campus events

Long Beach Unified School District
Long Beach Polytechnic High School
Summer School Principal
 Coordinated district summer school program
 Established and maintain summer school budget
 Selection of summer school staff
 Developed master schedule and monitor class size
 Maintained student discipline
 Routine operation of summer school program

Assistant Principal
 Supervise Business and Intensive Studies Academies
 Supervise students and administer student discipline and control
 Evaluate specific behavior problems and situations and take appropriate course of
action, including counseling, discipline, and alternative placements
 Member of Core Action Team for improved parent participation
 Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Focus Group Leader
 Supervise and evaluate teachers and classified staff
 Supervise Student Support Team and attend all Individual Education Plan meetings
 Campus operations
 Curriculum development

January 1993 Bellflower Unified School District to July 2000
Mayfair High School 7-12
Assistant Principal
 Plan, develop, and implement middle school concepts related to Curriculum and Instruction,
Guidance, Pupil Services, Activities, and Parent Education
 Supervise and evaluate teachers, counselors, and classified staff
 Supervise students and administer student discipline and control
 Administer the construction of the master schedule
 Plan, organize and direct school support for various student activities including
student government, clubs and organizations and other extracurricular activities
 Evaluate specific behavioral problems and situations and take appropriate course of
action, including counseling, discipline, and alternative placements
 Supervision custodial staff
 Interpret the programs of the district to parents and other members of the

Elementary Summer School Principal
 Coordinate the district summer school program at three elementary school sites
 Selection and assignment of teachers
 Establishment of summer school budget
 Routine operation of summer school program
 Monitoring of class size
 Coordination of curriculum
 Preparation of summary report of student progress
Guidance Counselor
 Provided educational, career, and vocational counseling to individual and groups of students
 Assisted students in understanding and seeking solutions to social, emotional, and
academic problems and issues
 Served as a resource for student behavior management strategies,
attendance problems and concerns
 Helped to promote Middle School concepts such as activities, incentives, awards,
curriculum and promotion
 Participated in the development of the master schedule
 Handled student suspensions and pre-expulsion hearings

Sept. 1985 Paramount Unified School District to Jan. 1993
Paramount High School
Head Counselor/Guidance Counselor
 Coordinated the services of the Student Services Department which included
Guidance and Counseling Services, Bilingual Resource Program, Chapter One
Program, Peer Counseling Program, Career Center, School Attendance Office, and
ROP programs
 Assisted with master schedule
 Department Chairperson for school functions
 Coordinated the functions of the Student Review Team
 Assisted in the evaluation of counselors and classified staff
 Attendance, Academic, College, Personal, and Group Counseling
 Coordinated Senior Scholarship Program
Chapter One Counselor
 Counseled with students on attendance, graduation requirements, career and college goals, academic
progress, and personal concerns
 Conducted teacher and parent conferences
 Coordinated services of the Chapter One Program
 Ordered supplies and materials for both teachers and students
 Supervised and evaluated the Chapter One Clerk and Community Liaison
 Maintained Chapter One budget and state requirements
 Organized Chapter One workshops and tutorial services

Teacher Career Guidance
 Planed daily lessons to engage students
 Provided a positive classroom environment
 Maintained consistent classroom discipline
 Attended department meetings and in-service trainings
 Meet with students on progress and provided written and oral communication with parents

Sept. 1983 ABC Unified School District to June 1985
Ferguson Elementary School
Guidance Specialist
 Designed and implemented a comprehensive counseling program for students grades K- 6
 Consulted with teachers, parents, and administrators on the needs of students
 Developed and implemented a Behavior Modification Program
 Developed and implemented a Conflict Prevention Program
 Team Teaching
 Assisted teachers in developing behavior management plans
 Assisted teachers in the classroom with difficult students
 Conducted parent workshops

Honors and Awards
 Paramount High School Leadership Team Member for Restructuring
 Quality Educator, Paramount Unified School District
 Lead Reviewer for State Quality Review Team, Paramount Unified School District
 Recipient Carl Perkins Grant, Paramount Unified School District
 WASC Accreditation Team Member, Bellflower Unified School District
 Presented at California League of Middle Schools Annual Conference, Bellflower Unified School District
 Pyramid Award Excellence in Leadership and Academic Results 2004/05: Jackie Robinson Academy
 Title 1 Academic Achievement Award: Jackie Robinson Academy
 California Distinguished School Award: Jackie Robinson Academy
 GEAR UP Leadership Award: Jackie Robinson Academy
 Pyramid Award Excellence in Leadership and Academic Results 2005/06: Jackie Robinson Academy
 Presented at GEAR UP Conference October 2006: Jackie Robinson Academy
 AVID National Demonstration School: Jackie Robinson Academy
 National Center for Urban School Transformation’s Excellence in Education National Honor Roll: Jackie Robinson
 Pyramid Award Excellence in Leadership and Academic Results 2006/07: Jackie Robinson Academy

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