Ms. Merical has been inspired to pursue her dream for this non-profit organization, for her beautiful granddaughter’s, Riley and Bonnie. She is solely dedicating all of her time and talents to this organization.   Ms. Merical had entertained starting her own non-profit 501(c)(3) organization for many years. After meeting a friend through golf, who touched her heart, mind and soul with “Something More.  A Women’s Foundation, that inspires all women to look beyond their circumstances and reach for something more fulfilling, something more sustaining and abundant in their lives. Ms. Merical has successfully through a lot of good old fashion hard work and persistence, is pleased to bring to the youth of our communities this unique program.


Ms. Merical is a lifelong learner. She has completed approximately 14 years of higher education in Physical Education, Health, Nutrition, Home Economics, Special Education/Handicapped, Gerontology, Occupational Technology/Supervisory/Administration (for which she holds 5 teaching credentials) and Business Law/Mediation/Real Estate/Landlord Tenant Law.  Certified in Etiquette and Protocol.


Doria, has been involved with philanthropic endeavors for over 33 years. She starting volunteering for her eldest son’s T-ball and soccer team in 1985, then PTA and the list goes on and on. She has earned many awards and certificates for both her professional and philanthropic achievements and aspirations. She was even honored with a “Proclamation Commendation” from the “City of “Hawaiian Gardens” which was where she had her first teaching job for ABCUSD. She volunteered as a team mom and game manager for 4 years at “Los Alamitos High School Men’s Basketball Program” and volunteered approximately 22 hours a week. In 2006 when her youngest son graduated from high school she started to dedicate her time to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.


Doria, is a retired college professor for the Physical Education Department at Cerritos College. She was a former Director of Health and Wellness at the “Human Performance Lab at Long Beach City College.” Ms. Merical was a keynote speaker on Health & Wellness, representing many colleges and school districts, throughout California and other states. She was also a keynote speaker for the “National Association of University Women.” She owned her own business at the age of 21, an Aerobic Studio “Exercise Experience” in Lakewood California. She has owned many businesses throughout the years, including “Merical Body Works” a personal training for children ages 5 to 14 who wanted to pursue playing high school and college Basketball and Football.  Ninety percent of her students went on to play high school and college ball and two made it to the NBA and one in the NFL.

After pursuing law as her next venture, she completed her internship at “Fair Housing in Orange County.” As well as mediating out of “West Court” and the “Harbor Justice Center” in Newport Beach. She went on to teach Basic Mediation and Advanced Communications at the “Institute of Conflict Management (ICM).” She was also the Real Estate/Landlord/Tenant Specialist at ICM. She then decided to open her own Mediation practice known as “Private Solutions Disputes Resolutions Services.” She currently maintains a Real Estate License and dapples in Real Estate on an as needed basis. As for mediation, she now leaves that for the Attorney Mediators and values the skills learned in that profession. Ms. Merical, started teaching Physical Education K-6 when she was 22 years of age. She worked her way up to Adult Education at ABCUSD at 23 years of age and later became an Assistant Administrator/ Resource Specialist for ABCUSD Adult Education. She was also on the Board for curriculum and development for the “Western Accreditation of Schools and Colleges.”  She represented both ABCUSD and Downey Unified School District. She started teaching college at the age of 25.


While she was married and raising a family she worked for the Speech Professor at Long Beach City College and for the “City of Cerritos” as an Aerobics Instructor/ Fitness Coordinator. Doria, has pioneered several programs that are still in effect today. She continued to work for the City as a Fitness Coordinator, while attending college. After she completed her education and started teaching, she stayed on with the City for 12 years where she also taught Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Dance and Gymnastics ages 3-14.  She has also volunteered for 3 years with her son as a “Golf Etiquette Instructor” for the nationally recognized “Long Beach Junior Golf Association.”  Ms. Merical has taught 3rd grade catechism at Saint Anne’s in Seal Beach. She has resided in Surfside and Huntington Harbour since 1991.

Ms. Merical continues to attend fundraisers, events, galas, balls, luncheons and supports many charities. She is active in tennis, golf, yoga, and fitness as well as boating. She is a member of “Sea Cliff Country Club” and “Huntington Harbour Yacht Club (HHYC).” She volunteered and taught Physical Fitness classes for seniors at the HHYC from 2015 to 2018, which she has deemed as one of the most pleasurable times of her life.


Ms. Merical is NO longer an “ACTIVE” member, she is now just a “SUPPORTING” member of these 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations; for which she’s chaired many committee positions as well as serving as a *Board Member for several years.


*Las Damas – Sunset Beach Active 2006 to 2018 – non active-currently an Associate member

*Sunset Beach Women’s Club - Active 2011 to 2018 – currently Supporting member

*Huntington Harbour Philharmonic Society of Orange County - Active 2015 to 2018 – currently - Supporting member

*La Familia Orangewood Children’s Home - Active 2015 to 2018 – currently- non-active - Supporting member


Saint Anne’s Women’s Guild - Active 2014 to 2016 – currently - non-active- Supporting member

*Sea Belles - Huntington Harbour Yacht Club - Active 2015 to 2018 - not a non-profit, supporting member

 Joe Grohman’s Golf Foundation – Teaching golf to blind children – Active Annual Event

Huntington Harbour

Junior Etiquette Program

Huntington Harbour Junior Etiquette Program
P.O. Box 377
Surfside, CA  90743

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